Energy Efficiency Consulting


We can help builders; both in the process of building energy-efficient homes or who are curious as to how they can start to become more environmentally conscious. We can discuss building techniques, green methods, and help you go over your designs to see how to increase peace of mind and incorporate practical, efficient methods that will benefit both the lives of your clients and the life of their houses.


In leading the operation of the project, contractors have a lot on their plate. While it may seem overwhelming when summing up all of the components of a project, the pressure can be eased by talking to energy consultants like us. We are happy to assist you in figuring out the roles of every component of the project. Contractors are always looking to integrate the many operators in the project into a seamless, systematic operation. Sometimes this is a tall order; luckily, we can help.


Designing a house features a lot of input from both the customer and the design professional. However, with consultation from energy professionals, architects can be made aware of energy-conscious, money-saving methods of which they may not have known. We will listen to you and try to determine the best course of action for your building while being as practical and efficient as possible.